Flipkart – The Big ReBillion Day

It was not an India-Pak one day that brought India together. It was the Big Billion Day sale. Everyone kept talking about it and still no one seemed to have had enough of it. But then, disappointments grew and whisperings began. And now we hate Flipkart !!?? Fellow Indians, get over it.. Its pathetic when […]

Bacteria : God’s own creation ??!!

“Hey! Lets talk about bacteria.” The moment you hear something like this, you feel awkward. Its like someone talking about the He-who-must-not-be-named. But then you have misunderstood bacteria like anyone else. In fact, if the mention of this tiny creature rings a bell for diseases in your mind, just hear the fact – only about […]

Newsattire : Bangalore floods after J&K

Bangalore has joined the recent bandwagon of having floods take control of the city. The rains have surpassed the amount of rainfall in Cherapunjee In a recent spat of unfortunate events the auto-wallas in Bangalore had staged a protest demanding the need for modern infrastructure. The same auto-wallas who used to ride the majestically as […]

Illogical Sharing !!

To all those people who share such pics that has the lines“Facebook companies has agreed to pay $1 for the little girl, each time someone likes the post” Trust me, Facebook is a single company and that too not a charitable one. In fact the people who like such posts in the hope that Facebook is […]

I am a man and I am not a rapist!! :(

Image courtesy : The Hindu 270 girl child rapes –> only 17 convicted [ In Karnataka ] total figures across all ages across all states might be in 1000’s… A gal was raped.And what are cops doing? Where were they? Oh! they were in Koramangala [ or wherever the hell ] collecting money from people […]

Why one sport takes all the limelight ?

“Out in Russia, I mentioned cricket and they gasped at the thought of the ugly insect. “***************************************************************************************** Im not sure if I am right or wrong. I dont mean to be anything. I just have observations. Ok. Much said and spoken but lets get to the heart of the matter. The recent disapproval of Maria […]

Letters To No One !! ~ Chapter 1

Letter to Doctor My doctor has explained to me that I have a serious mental condition called the “Depression”. I dont know what it means in reality because I constantly find myself silently cheerful and willing to laugh at anyone including myself…. “You have recoiled into yourself and you need to come out..”, he patiently […]