Letters To No One !! ~ Chapter 1

Letter to Doctor

My doctor has explained to me that I have a serious mental condition called the “Depression”. I dont know what it means in reality because I constantly find myself silently cheerful and willing to laugh at anyone including myself…. “You have recoiled into yourself and you need to come out..”, he patiently explains and I see wide eyed in wonder whether he had been educated in medicine  or in black magic… “you mean to say, I have a spirit that needs to come out of me? Seriously ?” and he laughs hard at that… 
Wearing that long white coat, eyes plugged with doctor’s headphones- and ready to scribble some nonsense, he sits there like he knows you in and out but he doesnt…. 
“I mean to say, you are depressed in your mind due to many things going on in your life…”, he sounded worried and he should be for any moment I could punch his nose and walk out without paying his fee… I came for medicine, not for advise…. 
“My mind is alright… Write the medicines  doctor..”, i say clearly..
“I’m sorry I wont… You are perfectly healthy with acute depression… better go, visit a psychiatrist… will you?”
So now he was what a broker to outsource me to another doctor… He didn’t know much and it wasn’t helping…
“Perhaps you wont take your fee, if it makes me even more depressed ?” I say this in my mind or maybe I say it aloud… 
In any case he does takes the fee, for he seems to be specialize in that… Some years ago, I had never been to a doctor or a hospital( atleast in my recent memory ) and had wondered if physician was a person more related with physics than with medicine… Now I knew, this physician was related more to the bank for the fee was more than I make in a single day.. They make all kinds of physicians these days… 
Before I began to leave, he gave me a tip, ” If you wont speak, atleast write whatever problems you have, things you want to tell… It might help… “
So here I write behind the prescription, this my first letter to my doctor who made me start this nonsense… Mind you, my handwriting is far better than his and it gives me a sense of pride. 
This isn’t exactly the kind of letters you would want anyone else to read, but if you do read it now, just ignore the fact that I am normal and that you are normal too… We are not. Only that I have pathetically tried to make fun of people and gather some amount of satisfaction in my belly.. That’s  my medicine and its been working well for now… If you find something offensive, or related to you, beware, you might have met me and ruined some good part of my life.. 
I don’t know if my father was a postman. I never got to meet him, but in any case, I love writing letters…. Lettters that I wouldn’t ever post.. Letters that will be a part of my own personal collection that sits there mocking people while they think they are religiously mocking me in return.. See, I can do it too, only that I don’t show it… I’m the good guy… 

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