I am a man and I am not a rapist!! :(

Image courtesy : The Hindu

270 girl child rapes –> only 17 convicted [ In Karnataka ] total figures across all ages across all states might be in 1000’s…
A gal was raped.And what are cops doing? Where were they? Oh! they were in Koramangala [ or wherever the hell ] collecting money from people on vehicles and thela walas.Good job done!! So how people become policemen? I simply have no idea. All I know is they have so big a stomach that if I, at that very moment, deflated his bike; stole his own wallet/gun, he wouldn’t be able to run to catch me. God alone knows how criminals could be caught. I’m sure many have themselves tried raping somebody at the first opportunity.
Ok so policemen are sleeping. No issues. Do we remember such gangs that used to catch the couples in love and force them to marry and such things. Now, where the hell are they? Why bother when people in love do anything on street or wherever, [ since on street you find romancing a crime, in a park its a crime, inside a house, its a bigger crime and people start whispering!!] Why unmarried couples should not stay in the same house? Its not in law that they cannot. Engaging in consensual sex is such a big thing to everyone and forced sex doesnt raise eyebrows? Is it what maybe Lord Ram would have wanted ? But where are such gentlemen now ? 
Ok. Where are the good politicians? Somehow, its an endangered species and I know many have their own mistresses and such crimes under their baskets.. [ Now plz dont get me into it that BJP or Congress was better and the cabinet minister is so and so.. ] If any commenters want to have a political debate on this thing, go somewhere else.
So how does anyone get justice in this country ? Why moral people dont become policemen/politicians? Why cops aren’t paid enough that they dont need to rob us instead of protecting? Why Indians still are rooted into old age shadows and feel a girl is a burden? Each question raises so many others that it is really difficult to understand where to start. India has never been shining nor it can be. Maybe some 1000’s of years ago when women used to have the utmost respect and the option of engaging in their own svayamvars [ functions of selecting a suited bridegroom ]. But the good has never been as powerful or permanent as the evil. 
I have lots of things to say and Im sure lots of people have lots of proper ideas/ways of killing these bastards.. But that doesn’t help.. Why don’t we have a proper silent bandh for one day when every such files and cases be out since past. Police be ordered to find the accused or they be removed from the service and arrests be made and justice made within that month.
Why don’t we do something? I dont want them to be hanged, to be shot. I want them to live and to repent that “jawaani ka josh” me hui “choti moti galti”... For a taste of reality let them be operated to the other gender completely so that they get to see what it is to be a woman. Only then some slow and steady punishment should come to them.

Is having forced sex the only thing a man today capable of ?
I cannot even feel what animal natures are still inherent that I fear to call this “A human civilization”.. Neither is it human nor its civilized. I am crying but it wont help… I am helpless – as helpless as those girls who saw horrors…
Everytime I read things like this in news[ and its too frequent these days ], I feel ashamed to be a man…
When at night I walk beside a gal and she eyes me suspiciously, I know its not for nothing!! To her I open my lips wanting to tell –
 ‪#‎I_am_a_man_and_I_am_not_a_rapist‬!! ” But I cannot since many are and are still out there..So beware! Amen!  😥 

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