Illogical Sharing !!

To all those people who share such pics that has the lines

“Facebook companies has agreed to pay $1 for the little girl, each time someone likes the post” 

Trust me, Facebook is a single company and that too not a charitable one. In fact the people who like such posts in the hope that Facebook is paying up and they did a great service by clicking on a link, are to be pitied for their innocence.

Now last week itself someone shared some vital info with some highly disturbing piece of news : “Missing guy, Please help to find him. Call on ” Not only was that phone number s currently unused one and that whole story provided a fake, the best part was – it was the childhood pic of me. I was face to face with my own missing report constructed. People out of their extreme good-will share it to others so that someone might recognize that picture with a small child who begs outside their house or maybe work in the neighborhood restaurant and save that child. Of course the baby would never be found since he had grown 20 years since then and sitting at laughing at those 345 people who actually bothered to share this piece of news most of them without even verifying if that phone number worked.

Also posts such as these were popular and still are which usually ends with the following lines – “If you don’t share it with 7 people, you will get a bad news very soon. Share it now”
You see, its so efficient since most of these posts have a mention of Gods that people with their ignorance and subservience quickly share it with other 7 people. They are like, “Omg! why did this message [speaking of ill omen ] come to me?. Let me make an effort to pass it on to others and live in peace. And click click, shared and only then the burden is lifted.

Now out of those 7 people, there is a high probability atleast 6 will again share it to more. So, this multi-level marketing of a single post is achieved for no apparent reason, but just for the implied fear.

There are many other news articles that “Amazon has bought Flipkart for some $10 billion or so”, “This image is of Diwali’s crackers lighting up the country” or “Unborn baby becoming pregnant inside the womb” and other such sensational news- my advise to people., be responsible, and not gulligible idiots and take time to verify before sharing any such sensational news. If you really need to watch news, there are news sites too. Don’t spend all energies on facebook. There are people who create such posts just to enjoy how people react to them and then have a good laugh over it and the people who like/share em.

Some use these kind of posts to malign the character or image of a person. I’ve seen photos of girls being manipulated and used with various themes and sometimes even provide the girl’s actual phone number who gets tired of getting innumerable strange calls from the always desperate indian guys that she only finds peace in blocking her number. She certainly has no idea why such a thing happened. 

So let us be responsible enough to pass on information that is authentic, useful and atleast verified. 

By the way I forgot to mention that ‘There is a facebook jail where all the heavy spammers and scammers are kept.’ Don’t believe it? Go, trouble the google and seek the truth.


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