Newsattire : Bangalore floods after J&K

Bangalore has joined the recent bandwagon of having floods take control of the city. The rains have surpassed the amount of rainfall in Cherapunjee

In a recent spat of unfortunate events the auto-wallas in Bangalore had staged a protest demanding the need for modern infrastructure. The same auto-wallas who used to ride the majestically as if their autos in summer are having a hard time even moving their vehicles. “Now I only live in my auto.”, cried an auto-walla. While some people mock their misery quoting ‘Sin had to be paid.. Till now they had looted everyone asking for fares equivalent to train fares to Pune. It is an act of God.’ Even BMTC buses are now being used as AC rooms, some even catering to Wi-Fi services in various parts of the city. All the premiere cab services have stopped their services.

The Road Baba AKA mayor has done nothing is the common complaint. Some IT Companies are now weighing their options of either giving their employees complete work from home facilities while some are trying to make arrangements for building in-house employee quarters where the employee’s pay will be reduced by more than half.

The only institutes happy about all this affair are the swimming institutes. Their sessions are overflowing and many new trainers have come from abroad to make quick money. The Swimmers Inc. is one such academy which has even got its license for being a company. It is a rare achievement and treasured by such institutes that are springing up to make it big in this industry.
Harman a swimming tutor at the Swimmers Inc. [ name and gender changed ] says , ‘We now get more students than ever. We are giving crash courses and on various speed levels and underwater, zero visibility swimming. ‘. If the next Olympic swimmers are from this city, do not be surprised.
Harman chuckles and adds, ‘We are even selling swimming gears and costumes and its selling like hot cakes.’ The schools have made swimming compulsory as a subject.

An Act of God it surely is for the real competitors of auto-wallas and buses are the boatmen now. They have replaced the conventional means of transport for the Bangaloreans after 250 inches of rainfall has covered the entire city in floods. The boatmen are charging premium charges to speed passengers down to their homes. The business is flourishing so much that auto-wallas had to stage a protest. While some auto-wallas have taken the opportunity in their stride and have shifted to boat-riding to earn money, some are too faithful to their autos to go for anything else.

“The situation is horrible. They are making multi-storeyed building. But where are the roads?”  In response one leader from the opposition yesterday gave a controversial speech where he laughed and said , “But where was the road earlier too?” This statement has raised enough eyebrows and umbrellas and several such accusations against the party in power are being openly spoken.

Since the rains don’t seem to be stopping in the near future, the ‘Earlier I used to get drenched in rain. It was a pleasant feeling. Now I fear that I could drown. It is awful.’, says a distressed girl Akanksha [name and gender changed].

However, photographers eager to capture frequent rainbow sightings are coming in from other cities.

Meanwhile the political party in power has asked the people to be patient and promised the citizens that instead of roads or metros they are now viewing the proposal for ferry-ways linking the different areas for which it is demanding a fund of nearly Rs.500 crores from the Central Government.

Meru, hoping to cash in on the opportunity has even announced an inter-city submarine service. While the auto-wallas continue their underwater strike, the situation can only get wetter rather than better.

@Arvind reporting for Newsattire.


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