Bacteria : God’s own creation ??!!

“Hey! Lets talk about bacteria.” The moment you hear something like this, you feel awkward. Its like someone talking about the He-who-must-not-be-named. But then you have misunderstood bacteria like anyone else. In fact, if the mention of this tiny creature rings a bell for diseases in your mind, just hear the fact – only about 2 % bacteria are really lethal or dangerous to us.

Okay, so now that bacteria appears better than it did before, let us consider how much we really owe to these? After all one single person is home to more of them than there are even humans in the whole world!! Also, there are more of them that cells in our body.

The fact is shocking and yet amazing. At any point of time, there are some trillions of bacteria making up some 1.5 kgs of your body weight.
So even when you are kissing, you’re not just exchanging love but some millions and billions of well you know..

Ever considered that smell after the rain, unusual yet soothing – its a certain form of bacteria – actinomyetes.The fact that maximum kinds of bacteria are in fact useful unlike viruses, they are used extensively in creating antibiotics. However that doesnt mean there still aren’t the harmful ones. In fact the one of the deadliest of the bio-warfare tool is the bacteria named botulinum.Just a small sized ball of it could wipe out humanity.

But still if you ask the question why these small micro organisms hold such importance that I had to write an article dedicated to them. Let us consider what came in the beginning- it was not Adam or Eve. It was very simple single cell bacteria some 4 billion years ago. If we are here, we owe it to them. They are the oldest ancestors of every living being on Earth – plants and animals alike.

And we humans have been thinking that it is us who are so powerful that we can do just about anything; all the impossible feats. Catch this fact for example that a strain of bacteria was researched last year and given all doses of antibiotics but it still survived. It was later named as ”Conan the bacterium” just like ‘Conan the Barbarian’. Such are these microorganisms that have adapted to live in the boiling volcanoes to the freezing Antarctica. We humans – well we still inhabit a mere 12% of the whole Earth while they weigh more than all the living beings combined!! Surprising but true.

So lets pay homage to the real creation of God – the most primitive and the most advanced. For when that apocalypse come and Earth becomes a lonely place, these bacterias will still be living and creating life as it has until this Earth collapses and dies.


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