Flipkart – The Big ReBillion Day

It was not an India-Pak one day that brought India together. It was the Big Billion Day sale. Everyone kept talking about it and still no one seemed to have had enough of it. But then, disappointments grew and whisperings began. And now we hate Flipkart !!??

Fellow Indians, get over it.. Its pathetic when you draw swords out on the same trusted e-retailer Flipkart only because you missed out on buying out that deal while some other greedy bastards like us got them and got them real quick..

Yes, site reminded me of the old irctc and even I opened it with high expectation and saw my frustration rising when I, with some million Indians were racing to buy the same product for say – Re.1. Yes I was trying to buy a Re.1 Lava phone but couldn’t. In the end, Perhaps I was unlucky. But now, looking at so many hate posts etc, I feel we Indians have no right to have a national retailer who is trying hard to be the best with international and very rich retailers trying hard to cash in.

Where was our anger or senses, when we were been given books @ lower prices than normal. There might be several marketing design strategy and giving out a few products at almost impossible price can be one of it. So, why not atleast give them the credit instead of that ‘idiotic Snapdeal’ ad which says its the same day for us where we have sales on all the days. So, then why did Snapdeal put its day of sale too later on in the week? Where was this quote then? In any case, Snapdeal is no match for Flipkart. Even the interface of the site sucks big time and I doubt Snapdeal isnt aware of it yet. So many online retailers have been there since ages and if I were to look for a product to buy, I’d still prefer to buy it from Flipkart. Why? Because it has never failed me big time.

Amazon is trying hard to eat into Flipkart’s market and this might be an opportunity for it. But think over folks. Amazon is so big, it can take risks of putting such sales but a company like Flipkart that didnt earn profit for years on end, did take such a big risk and put up this big a scale – it was worthy of applause. For that day, there was no other news. No Mangalyam mission, no news of indo-Pak strategies, no news of anything else. It was all about Flipkart. I know people are losing trust in their favorite home-grown retailer, but folks lets give it a fair chance. Mistakes do happen, and in their part it was their inability to analyze the worst scenario to stress test their servers. Stop complaining about how Flipkart is cheated and fooled everyone on their Big Billion Day. It might sound good when you say it since you say it like a loser who can only whine over other things and fail to see the wrong side of us. Its that we are hungry for freebies and if denied we’d shame the one promising us one in the first place. Let us have more dignity.
Also, people who are still wondering if the sale was real and prices were indeed low, let me remove the doubt. The sale was real and the product prices were low. I have seen people succesfully buy Iphone 5s for some 20K and pen drives @190. Keeping the Re.1 product aside, since how many items + quantities were you thinking they were selling for Re.1 ? Not many of course, it too has to run a profitable business. Also, as is the consensus that many deals were altogether fake and there were no such deals at all. It is possible too, but in the end, I could not even see how discounts more than 90% were even valid or reasonable on the part of buying or selling. So, then if there were fake deals only meant to grab attention, yes Flipkart if accused and guilty should take responsibility for it. But for other things, I doubt Flipkart should be hated as hell.

There were a lot of technical glitches but that happens all the time to all the websites. For people who work in IT, they should better know how difficult things like servers etc can get in real time. I’d say Flipkart could’ve been more responsible, but that does mean we shame Flipkart only because it could not fulfil our crazy expectations.

Lets get our act straight and accept that we are forever dissatisfied. As for Flipkart, before you start on the stories of that day, first give it some credit for it is still Indian and still the best.

The Big Billion Day


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